Summits for Samantha is fundraising to

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2024 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

Summits for Samantha

Why we ride

Why do we ride? Summits for Samantha has ridden for 14 years for The Children's Hospital Colorado. 

I have missed only two years- the year we lost Samantha and last year when I had my knee replaced. 

I am so excited to be back this year! I ride because for 17 years, Children's Hospital has been an integral part of my family.  From the diagnosis of our daughter, Samantha to today, as our amazing doctors in the mitochondrial clinic care for my brother, because no one else understands our complex genetic disease, I ride for this hospital. 

Our cause is personal but our ripple effect is huge. Summits for Samantha has raised over $1MM for the mitochondrial clinic. We have sponsored several clinical trials and provide COQ10, a necessary supplement for our families along the front range. 

We are so grateful to this hospital. Their care gave us four amazing years with our daughter. For my brother, this is a place of specialists who are determined to find a cure and help him find the very best care. 

We are so very grateful for you support! 

With love, 



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