The Gene Team is fundraising to

ensure kids and families get world-class care

2024 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

The Gene Team: We do it for the kids!
The Gene Team: We do it for the kids!

The Gene Team




   Why we ride


The Gene Team is 22 years strong. We raise money for research that helps identify certain disorders before their life altering effects. Research that affects the quality of life. We raise money for families that cannot afford the very expensive life sustaining metabolic formula and low protein food. We raise money to help send our kids to camp, where they are with their peers; where they all share many of the same feelings of being different. We raise money to send our parents to conferences where they get knowledge and support. We raise dollars to ensure that our programs continue.
We are The Gene Team. We are a team of heart. Join us! We need your help to pay it forward.


Hello Gene Teamers! PLEASE READ

Happy 2021!! We hope your new year is off to a great start. We have held high hopes for the new year, as we're sure many of you have. While we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, many plans for this year remain unknown.

We have been working behind the scenes to gather as much information as we can regarding the 2021 Courage Classic. Some of you may have already heard rumblings of the changes, however we wanted to reach and provide you all with the most current information we have.

We were excited to learn that a portion of the 2021 Courage Classic will be back in-person, however there were also some changes that have made us question if The Gene Team should participate this year. These changes include:
A 1-day ride instead of the typical 2-day ride
No registration fee for virtual or in-person riders
For those interested in registering for in-person riding the following criteria will determine your eligibility:
Invitations will be issued to our 2020 Top 100 Fundraisers + One Companion (please note that Companions will also be required to meet the $500 minimum by the Tour)
Once a rider reaches their minimum fundraising goal, they are eligible to ride in person.
Eligible rider names will be pulled on June 1st based on the date/time their minimum was met.
As all riders are required to reach the fundraising minimum, this will incentivize early fundraising as well as create a level playing field for all. No favoritism, no subjective selection, etc.
If there is attrition, they will move through the qualified list of riders, allowing them to scale to whatever levels the State of Colorado may allow by mid-July.

Given the long history of the Gene Team's participation in the Courage Classic, we'd love to keep our team out there for this wonderful cause in the 2021 Courage Classic. Please help keep our team going strong and register as usual (remember, registration is free). Registration will open next week. There is a virtual event option or an in-person option. Fundraising minimum will be set at $500 for adults and $125 for children. If you are not eligible for the in-person ride, please do not plan to ride at Copper Mountain that weekend on the Courage Classic route as their participation licenses will be strictly enforced.

The Gene Team will not have an in-person presence at Copper Mountain. Please consider fundraising as a virtual or in person rider.
If we raise greater than $25,000 our clinic keeps these funds.
We are thinking about an organized ride in Boulder during the Courage Classic dates. Please let us know if this is of interest to you.

With gratitude,
Laurie, Sommer & Morgan





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