2023 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

2018 Frequent Flyers team photo!
2018 Frequent Flyers team photo!

Level One: ED/Urgent Care Cycling Team

Why we ride

We are Level One: The Pediatric Emergency Med and Urgent Care Cycling Team!  Our team represents the physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, techs and all of the other amazing staff and professionals, family and friends who keep the Emergency Department and Network of Care Urgent care sites going strong- 24/7/365!  It's true-- we see some pretty crazy things in our ED and urgent cares, but we love taking care of people when they need us most! 

Over our 6 year history riding in the Courage Classic, we've raised nearly $270,000 in support of pediatric healthcare and we could not be more proud!  In 2020, we are commiting ourselves to raising another $50k to help our department continue to provide the best care to the sick and injured children who come through our doors.  Your donation helps support research, education and outreach to provide the BEST evidence based care to children in Denver, Colorado and the Rockies.   Thank you for your support!!!   

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