2023 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour



Kinsley was diagnosed with Actue Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a form of blood cancer, in June 2022 and is working through her 2.5 year treament at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

She is a fun 3 year old and shows up to clinic with a smile and her seal, which is mom's old one so its like 38 years old. She has been so strong going through all of this and the doctors and nurses at Children's have been so awesome with her. She may be in remission but every day is a risk of that changing. Every day is a risk of Kinsley getting sick and having to be admitted. So every day that we can get out, enjoy life, be with family is important to celebrate. 

Kinsley loves to go to the zoo, riding her bike, pretend play, go down slides, read books, squish her parents.

We are riding to support her and many other kids like her!

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