2023 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

Our Promise: Knowing every child's life is sacred, we promise to improve the well-being of every child in our care and our communities.
Our Promise: Knowing every child's life is sacred, we promise to improve the well-being of every child in our care and our communities.

Cook Children's Cycling Crew

The Cook Children’s Health Care System has had a solid cycling presence throughout the years. From the early 2010’s, employees from every area/department were seen riding for the organization. Many of these riders can still be seen today sporting their vintage Cook Children’s outfit. As time went on, the unavoidable life challenges started to affect the standing number of cyclists that rode. Employees had kids, age for some started to set in, and then some simply moved on from the organization. As with many great ideas, the ‘team’ began to fade away. Late summer of 2016 came and buzz started to build about starting a formal ‘team’ for Cook Children’s again. Lead by some of the ‘old timers’ (and new), the Cook Children’s Cycling Crew was officially born on October 19th. Initial ideas and thoughts were made in front of Camelot Court, CCMC. The word ‘Crew’ was decided on as it is more inclusive than such terms as ‘Team’ or ‘Club’ are. The goal was to be able to provide an outlet for all levels of riders. A couple weeks later, a Cooknet-promoted interest meeting was had with around 20 individuals coming out, eager for information and ready to ride (and ride on we did!)!

Since that November day there have been dozens of well attended weekly rides, hundreds of miles traveled, and even a t-shirt designed by our own Cook patients! Currently on the roster there are over a hundred riders and counting. The Crew has been a part of event rides such as the MS150, Peach Pedal, Cleburne’s Goatneck, the Hotter N’ Hell... and now THE COURAGE CLASSIC!

While many might say we are out of our flatland Texas element, there is a good amount of grit among those riding with us this year. We are up for the challenge because ultimately, we understand the mission of this whole event deeply. We are a group that strives to live out our Promise within our work daily. Quality and a call to excellence are needed to tend to a child holistically. It means a great amount to us all to be able to join this cause and help further the health of the many children within Colorado. Pediatric health is unique as when you deliver care your intervention not only addresses the current situation but also creates an impact lasts for the lifetime to come.

Thank you so much for visiting our page. If you have not already, we would love to have you donate towards the cause through our riders. Again, we are absolutely stoked to be part of this ride. It has been a long time coming. We aim to make the most of it all! 

We’re not a team or club, but a CREW!

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