2023 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

Lupton Peddlers

We ride  in memory of Kamden. He was five-year old little boy, diagnosed with brain cancer and passed one day before he was to celebrate his sixth birthday. His cancer was very aggressive and did not respond to treatment. His parents made the unselfish, yet, difficult decision to stop the intense treatments which left him him sick and very unhappy. They made this informed decision with the support of the medical professionals at CHC who recognized that quality of life was more important than quantity. The goal of all was to let this little boy be a little boy for as long as possible. And for a short time, he played as a five-year old should; he soon began to tell his grandmother of angels coming to visit him. A few days later, he joined them on his final journey.

Perhaps, the medical staff could not provide the medical miracle to Kamden they had hoped and worked so hard for - but they never stopped trying….they never gave up hope.

To our donors and potential donors, while we never lose hope, we acknowledge that not all our kids will have the fairy tale endings we desire. Though we are saddened when we lose a child, we know that because of your generosity, this child's quality of life is improved for however long he lives, and we know the parents will receive the emotional and financial support they will need on this difficult journey.

if you have not made a donation to support the work of Children's Hospital, please consider doing so. Perhaps, they can't save every child but that does not stop them from trying. It's through your support, that their efforts are possible.

Donations can be designated to Jennifer, Troy or me.  Even though she registered, Gabby will not be riding with us this year.

Thank you.

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