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2024 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

Lupton Peddlers

We ride in memory of Tobias Samuel Grein. Tobias was born 04/09/2016 at Presbyterian St. Luke's to Daniel and Kelsey Grein of Fort Lupton. Weighing only 1 lb 9oz, he was given a small chance to live. After spending 109 days in NICU at St. Luke's, his parents were finally able to bring him home. The following August, Tobias was admitted into the NICU at Children's Hospital and was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. For the next four years, Tobias and his family would spend much of Tobias' life at Children's. Tobias endured a tonsillectomy, hernia repair, sleep studies, and four heart cardiac cath labs, along with diagnostic exams and emergency room visits.

Sadly, it was in his fourth cath lab that Tobias experienced a brain aneurysm and underwent brain surgery. After the surgery, his family was told that Tobias would not survive due to pressures within his brain. Daniel and Kelsey said goodbye to their youngest child; they were now left with the heartbreaking task of telling Tobias's siblings that he would not be coming home.

To our donors and potential donors, while we never lose hope, we acknowledge that not all our kids will have the fairy tale endings we desire. Though we are saddened when we lose a child, we know that because of your generosity, the staff at Children's did everything they could to improve Tobias's quality of life, and his parents received the emotional and financial support they needed on this difficult journey.

If you have not made a donation to support the work of Children's Hospital, please consider doing so. Perhaps, they can't save every child but that does not stop them from trying. It's through your support, that their efforts are possible.

Thank you!

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