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2024 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour


Welcome to Team RADIOACTIVE's Site!

The Pediatric Radiology department at Children's Hospital Colorado created team RadioActive – a team of radiologists, technologists, nurses, advanced practice providers, researchers, administrators, child life, scheduling team, analysts, and our friends & family – to ride and fundraise for the Courage Classic. As you may already know, the Courage Classic is Children's Hospital’s biggest annual fundraiser, with all the donated money going directly to helping patients and families through family-centered services and support, groundbreaking research, and community outreach. In 2022, the event raised over 3.1 million dollars for Children's Health. 

The Radioactive team this year is riding in honor of Trey! Trey is a CHCO ambassador who came to us in 2022 when he was 12 years old. He was becoming very ill, very quickly, and needed some answers, so his family brought him in to CHCO for help. A detailed MRI of Trey's brain and spinal cord showed that he had lesions in his brainstem and he received a diagnosis of NMO (neuromyelitis optica). This is a rare and severe autoimmune disease in which the system attacks the brain and spinal cord, and the nerves! 

Trey spent a month in the PICU at CHCO and began receiving life-saving treatment using a new immunotherapy called Eculizumab. This drug was not even FDA approved for use in children, but they gave an emergency approval for Trey, who became the first child with NMO to be treated with this therapy. Trey continues to receive this treatment biweekly, to prevent a relapse of the symptoms from the disease. 

Trey, who is now 14 years old, is engaged in sports and academics again. We ride for kids like Trey, who remind us all what it means to be a fighter. 

Great work for children and their families is done at Children's Hospital Colorado and we aim to support the mission by riding this ride and taking part in the fabulous community that shows up each year to do the same. We’ll do our part and donating to our team is a great way to show your commitment for Children’s Hospital Colorado, children’s healthcare, and of course the Department of Pediatric Radiology

Continue to check back in for updates on how our training and fundraising is going!

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