2023 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

Brantley Taylor (age 2)
Brantley Taylor (age 2)

Snots So Fast

We ride to support Children’s Hospital Colorado patients like Brantley.

Brantley was born in rural Montana during the height of the Covid pandemic. Based on prenatal ultrasounds, his parents knew he had cleft lip and palate, but they had little idea of the other challenges he would be facing. Brantley’s parents reached out to the cleft team at Children’s Hospital Colorado to get Brantley established there for future care. Shortly after birth he was transferred to a neonatal intensive care unit a 4-hour drive from home in Billings, Montana. Brantley was transferred here for possible seizures, which then tests came back negative. His parents immediately contacted specialists at Children’s Hospital Colorado again who helped coordinate care despite the remote location. Ongoing feeding difficulty required surgery to place a feeding tube at 4 weeks of age when Brantley was finally able to leave the NICU. Following discharge he was finally seen by the Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Additional challenges were still to come. During his lip repair at 5-months of age by Dr. Allen at CHCO, Brantley had ear tubes placed and was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both ears by Dr. Rowley in the Audiology Department. Further specialized testing confirmed this hearing loss, and 2 weeks following his first birthday, Brantley underwent his third surgery for placement of a cochlear implant by Dr. Yoon at CHCO. At 15 months, his fourth surgery was performed to close the cleft palate. Now, after his second birthday, Brantley continues to make incredible progress with his various therapies.


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