2022 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

Summits for Samantha

Why we ride

Hello, Amazing Donors!

It has been quite a year. And like most things, our Courage Classic Ride looks a little different than in the past. BUT Team Summits for Samantha is excited to be riding and fundraising again for a great cause; the Mitochondrial Clinic at Children's Hospital.

In a year where everything went virtual, the Mito Clinic continued to advance important therapies, continue important research, and support families in shipping COq10, providing supplements and delivering gift cards to those in need.

Here are just a few items your fundraising dollars made possible:

1. Children's was granted Extended Access; providing mito patients access to investigational drugs that are not yet approved by the FDA. This is life-changing for our Mito Families. FDA approval takes time.....time our patients don't have. Extended Access requires money and resources to monitor patients properly and collaborate with pharmaceutical companies. Your fundraising dollars made this happen.

2. Many diagnostic clinics had to close their doors during Covid. Children's not only continued to diagnose patients they serve in the Rocky Mountain Region but as other clinics closed, Children's worked with other pediatric hospitals to help diagnose their complex mito kiddos. Children's is now one of two clinics in the nation that can determine a mitochondrial condition by analyzing skin cells instead of invasive, painful muscle biopsies.

3. Children's will be a site for three mitochondrial clinical trials in 2021.

4. Our Doctors have discovered seven new genetic mutations that contribute to mitochondrial disease. Many times mitochondrial patients live their life without a diagnosis or an incorrect diagnosis. Identifying these mutations helps families and their medical teams find answers, explore life-changing therapies faster and participate in clinical trials.

5. We continue to provide supplements that insurance will not pay for. During Covid, volunteers shipped COq10 so families did not have to travel to the hospital. We will continue this program moving forward.

This is what your dollars are doing! We could not be more grateful. As we start training for another year, we ask that you dig deep again. We could not do this important work without you.


Thank you again!

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